Project Description

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

extra virgin olive oilRegarding our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we can offer the supreme quality product of Messini – South Peloponnese, exclusively produced out of hand picked olives early in the season. The entire product comes out of a single crop of same origin and characteristics (the olive oil is not blended with oils from other regions). This element is very important because this is a guarantee of purity and highest quality standards. For your information please note that there are very few producers worldwide who can guarantee a single origin and single harvest product. In particular regarding the Spanish and Italian oils, to the best of our knowledge there is none who can offer such qualification. (Please consider that the 85% of Extra Virgin Olive Oil production on earth comes from Greece and the remaining 15% from all other producing countries around the globe).

Our supreme quality Ultra Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from olive trees that are planted on a mountainous region in low altitude and a highly fertile soil containing calcium and other important minerals with the well known mild climate conditions of the South Peloponnese region for the produce of the supreme quality olives. The olive trees are not artificially watered and they are all of the same brand, location, quality and characteristics.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced is regarded as the finest and top quality oil worldwide, it has won international prizes of quality and it is usually purchased from oil producers of other regions, including Spain and Italy for the improvement and refinement of the heavier oils produced in their areas.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a negligible acidity of 0.21% to a maximum of 0.3% and it is very rich in antioxidant Polyphenols (around 330). This is the only Extra Virgin Olive Oil worldwide that has such a high content in Polyphenols which is the most important ingredient, supplementing to the good health of consumers. Oils produced in most of of other areas worldwide (even in Greece) do not contain Polyphenols. This olive oil has a very aromatic odor, golden / green color and a pleasant fine fruit taste.