Project Description


Oranges are a natural and tasty means of protection of the body. Consumption of oranges is beneficial for those suffering from asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and rheumatism. It is also beneficial for the prevention of kidney stone and diabetes. Moreover, it lowers the levels of cholesterol and of high blood pressure. Eventhough the orange and its juice have been identified mainly with vitamin C, we should not neglect the fact that it also contains a number of other precious substances ,which are worth examining.

Navel Oranges (Merlins)
The peak time for the navel oranges (Merlins), which consist the prime kind of oranges that are being produced in Epirus, starts at the end of November and lasts until April.

Navalines Oranges
It is an orange of medium size nut, of round or oval shape, bright orange colour, juicy pulp orwith no seed pulp, with unique fragrance and of medium thickness peel. This kind of orangethrives in mid- November until mid -January. Navalines stand out for their sweet taste andtheir prematurity.

Shamouti Oranges (Jaffa oranges)
Shamouti oranges are practically seedless, with a flavour that has been described as “excellent” and “sweet and fine”. The Shamouti orange is distinguished by its oval shape and thick peel, which is deep orange in color and normally very easy to remove from the fruit. Its tough skin makes it “especially suitable for export”. As it produces very little juice and has a tendency towards delayed bitterness, it is unsuitable for juice production, though it does store well.

Valencia Oranges
Primarily grown for processing and orange juice production, Valencia oranges have seeds, varying in number from zero to seven per fruit. However, its excellent taste and internal color make it desirable for the fresh markets, too. The fruit has an average diameter of 2.7 to 3 inches (70 – 76 mm). After bloom, it usually carries two crops on the tree, the old and the new. The commercial harvest season in Florida runs from March to June. Worldwide, Valencia oranges are prized as the only variety of orange in season during summer.