Demetrio Bonos

Export Manager

Our in-depth knowledge of Greek agricultural and livestock products particularly of Epirus, the reverence observance of European standards of quality, respect the associate producer and consistency to the customer are the principles upon which it was created and operated by our company. From my position as Head of exports, with the assistance of reliable and experienced partner I can assure any interested buyer that a partnership with INTERGREBO vote represents the quality and consistency in its trade.

Helen Gerokomou


Intergrebo was founded on two main principles constant respect for our customers and constant obsession in quality. We trade worldwide the best available products, selected from several cultivations fron Epirus in the northwest of Greece. We value and appreciate every customer. Our exceptional services guarantee that when doing business with us you will get what you ask for, in the best price on time. Take a look around our products page and we would be more than happy to do business with you.


picture-4-1358938520Spyros Lardis

Regional Manager Central Europe

International trade necessitates commitment to excellence. Our core assets are the dedication to the constant maintenance of the highest quality standards, irreproachable performance and absolute integrity in our business dealing. The key elements to our success are reliability, trustworthiness and consistency in providing an exceptional and always uncompromised service to our reputed business partners worldwide.